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April Fried


City: Austin, Texas


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Why do you cut hair? I truly believe that when I cut, I am helping make my clients life an easier more confident place to be. 

What is your favorite haircut to cut? I love when someone has a lot of wave and I can give them a solid, functioning cut that allows them to show off what they’ve got instead of stowing it away in a pony tail!

What is the most transformative experience you have had in conjunction with a haircut? There has been a few, but the ones that come to mind most often are followed by the comments “ I never knew my hair could do this, or be like this!” It's like they discovered a treasure they never knew they had.

What is your next goal in haircutting? I would love to do more men’s cuts. They’re just not in my wheelhouse,

What/who is your biggest haircutting inspiration? I am not someone who does a lot of  short short hair, anyone who does, I really have a lot of respect for.  Precision and detailing work is something I'd love to master with cutting short, short hair! 

How long have you been cutting hair? Since 1989

What is your favorite comb? I do a ton of highlights & balayage, my favorite it the classic “KREST XL Pintail Comb”

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