Professional Haircutter Profiles
USA Southeast


Al Reid @Alsmillions

Location: Greenville, SC

Why do you cut hair? - I love the cutting process.

What is your favorite haircut to cut? - Faded Combover

What has been your most transformative haircut experience? - I've had so many, but I guess my favorite transformation haircut was for an older gentleman who hadn't been to a barber in 5 years. His hair was long and his face was almost completely covered with a beard. When his kids came back to the shop to pick him up, they didn't recognize him. Their expressions were priceless.

What is your next goal in haircutting? - My goal is to always be better.

Who is your greatest inspiration in haircutting? - My biggest inspiration is the industry itself. The growth potential is only limited to the practitioner's ability.

How long have you been cutting hair? - 35 years

What is your favorite comb? - Tapering comb

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Kristy Faulkner

Kristi Faulkner @kristiwahlclippers

Location: Clearwater, Fl

Why do I cut hair: I love to cut hair because first I love the interaction with people and I love seeing the transformation.

Favorite haircut to cut: The bald fade, hands down. 

Most transformative haircut experience: I would say the few times I’ve had the privilege to cut dreads off my customers. The before and after is amazing. The difference in the total look and even the attitude is life changing. 

Next goal in haircutting: Definitely taking education back to the basics and having true fundamental techniques understood. Have a bigger part in Mentoring the up & coming barbers and cosmetologists. 

My biggest haircutting influences: One of the first educators I saw on stage was Barry Fletcher. It was at a small hair show in Kansas City and I remember like it was yesterday he took the time just to talk to me and explain some basic hair cutting techniques. One other is my first boss Miss Ann. She taught me to cut fast and different textures. 

How long have you been cutting hair: 30 years

My favorite comb: Wahl cutting comb of course!

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Zayne Ward


City: Columbia, SC

Book a haircut -  Booksy

Why do you cut hair? Because I Love It!

What is your favorite haircut to cut? The new modern classics. 

What is the most transformative experience you have had in conjunction with a haircut? Seeing the look in a clients eyes when they say - “This is the best haircut I’ve ever received!”

What is your next goal in haircutting? Currently working towards moving and expanding our current barbershop. Hopefully hiring additional barbers who can grow and begin to service the extended community. 

What/who is your biggest haircutting inspiration? Ivan Zoot & Rodrick Samuels - Two awesomely talented and knowledgeable guys who gave me the time of day when they didn’t have to…They constantly encourage me and inspire me to be a great haircutter! 

How long have you been cutting hair? 11 years

What is your favorite comb? Wide / Clipper Width - Clipper Comb  

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Ivan "Chico Boom" Suarez


City: Fort Myers, FL


What is your favorite haircut: Freestyle Design

What is the most transformative experience that you had In conjunction with a haircut? - A Women that had super long hair was diagnosed with cancer and was about to begin chemo and decided to cut her hair off before It began to fall out. It was a very emotional moment for her, her family and myself.

What is your next goal in haircutting? To tap into more of women's cuts, colors and styles.

What/Who is your biggest haircutting Inspiration? My biggest inspiration in haircutting is all of the young barbers and Stylist coming in after me who proceed to raise the bar through their innovative and creative new styles, ideas, and content that continues to wow me everyday.

How long have you been cutting hair? I've been cutting hair since I was 11 years old but professionally now for 20 years.

What is your favorite comb? My favorite comb at the moment is the

8.6"  Precise Cutting Comb by JRL.