Professional Haircutter Profiles
UK and Europe

jk head shot.jpeg

Johnny Keterman @jkthebarber

City: London

Why do you cut hair? I love making people smile, I love how the haircut changes the client’s whole mood and confidence levels. I love the community aspect of having my shop.

What is your favorite haircut to cut? I love cutting all hair types and styles.

What is the most transformative experience you have had in conjunction with a haircut? After lockdown and gents wanting to keep more longer hair.

What is your next goal in haircutting? Getting my assessors and teaching awards.

What/who is your biggest haircutting inspiration? Ivan Zoot of course, when I was learning I watched all his videos, along with Pacino’s and Dave Diggs

How long have you been cutting hair? 6 years now

What is your favorite comb? I have a YS Park Comb white and black and the zoot comb