Ever work for SuperCuts?

I did, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

I fell in love with this comb.

The SuperCuts system teaches large combs and small scissors.

Once you catch the large comb bug, once you get used to them, you do not want to cut with anything else.

I have searched high and low.

I finally found the EXACT mold  and the EXACT material from the EXACT same vendor.

This is the real deal... In a slightly darker blue color.

Perfect for all your hair cutting.

Large sections and condensed cutting.

Great for efficinet work.

Great for all haircutting applications.

Made in USA, too!

This comb is sold as a 2-pack.

You get 2 at this price.

Please ask for special bulk pricing for purchases of 48 or more of this item.

FREE shipping on all US orders over $38

FREE bonus comb included with all orders.

SuperCuts Comb 2-pack