Modeled after the classic Champion #28 large haircut comb.

These combs are super.

They are not great.

They are not fantastic.

They are not sporty.

If you ever worked for SuperCuts, you know.

The chain teaches and promotes a haircutting system based on the use of large combs (among other principles).

Once you learn to cut with large combs you literally cannot cut with anything else.

I love my large combs (yes. I worked for SuperCuts in the late 80s and early 90s).

This is a softer plastic version of the large comb SuperCuts used back when I worked there. 

This is modeled after the original classic Champion #28 comb.

This comb has a nice heft and feel to it. It is not light, but if you love large combs, that is not new to you.

The fine teeth are great for trimmer work.

The larger end is excellent for both scissor and clipper work.

Nearly imposible to break a tooth.

The material has just the right blend of weight and stiffness/ flexibility

This comb is sold as a 2-pack.

You get 2 at this price.

Please ask for special bulk pricing for purchases of 48 or more of this item.

FREE bonus comb included with all orders.

Supercomb #28