The ultimate professional finishing and detailing comb.

Super white for maximum visibility.

Deep balck for lighter hair colors.

Super thin for close fine taper work.

Ideal for scissor or clipper/trimmer detailing.

Light weight.

Well balanced.

Larger end for lower tension with control.

Seamless, polished finish for smooth flow through the hair.

Matte finish at grip area for reduced flare and galre on the white model.

Bright white says "clean".

Clients care about clean.

Made from ABS plastic for long life and durability..

Made in USA

This comb is sold as a 2-pack.

You get 2 at this price.

Color choice, white, black or one of each.

Please ask for special bulk pricing for purchases of 48 or more of this item.

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FREE bonus comb included with all orders.

Pro Finishing and Detailing Comb 2-pack