A very popular haircut comb choice with many busy professionals.

This low profile shape is slim, light and easy to use.

Feels very good in your hand.

Small enought o palm well in all cuting apllications.

Just the right amount of flex, not too stiiff, not too soft.

The tooth spacings are ideal for precision shape crafting and all haircut types and textures.

Available in white and black for better visibility of different hair colors.

Made from ABS plastic for long life and durability.

Made in USA.

This comb is sold as a 2-pack.

You get 2 at this price.

Choose 1 white and 1 black or 2 white or 2 black

Please ask for special bulk pricing for purchases of 48 or more of this item.

FREE bonus comb included with all orders.

Low Profile Haircut Comb 2-pack