We believe:


Haircuts have the power to transform lives.

Haircut professionals wield this power with passion, enthusiasm and concern for their client's well being.

Haircutting is a fun and profitable way to express creativity as an art form and it is also big business.

Haircutting is a talent and a challenging skill to cultivate. Continuing education and fresh inspiration are vital to ongoing personal growth and development in the art and science of hair cutting. Maintaining up-to-date skills and passion for the craft of haircutting is an obligation professional haircutters take seriously.

The comb is the foundational tool of transformative haircutting. Haircut pros are very particular about the combs they choose and the reasons they choose them. The right comb becomes the vehicle through which the haircutter's creative vision meshes with their developed talent to deliver miracles and transform lives.

We endeavor to support you through:

Frequently updated haircut image gallery featuring the work of professional haircutters the world over. You are invited to submit images of haircuts you have created to be included in the gallery. Sharing our creations is central to how we relate to one another as professional hair artists.

Inspirational profiles of professional haircutters to provide insight in the journey's of others in our industry.

Continuing professional education through videos, podcasts, in-salon trainings, trade shows and coaching programs to support your professional development.

A continuously updated selection of the best haircut combs sourced from around the world to support your creativity.

A FREE bonus haircutting comb is included with every order.

FREE shipping on all USA orders over US$38.00.

We Give back:

We support those in their time of need.


We make a donation to the American Red Cross for every comb purchased. We write a check every month. The more combs you choose to add to your collection, the bigger check we write. Please buy more combs.

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